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Build an RFP that Sells

Make sure your business gets to the top of the pile by sending out a compelling RFP. Get your best deal and a first priority option.


Source the Event

Get high exposure to suppliers with quick results. All information detailed in a simple comparison grid that maps out the essential details.



Narrow your results and get creative about concessions and contract clauses. Position your business to aggressively negotiate the contract in your favor.


Ongoing Support

The contract is signed and the event is booked. However, there are unforeseen changes with possible hotel mergers, industry, and economy ups and downs. We provide ongoing support to represent you in facilitating any obstacles that
may occur.

Inspire Them with Your Content,
Reward Them with the Destination!


There is nothing better than choosing the right property and knowing you got the best deal possible! Our account managers ensure this by taking care of all the details throughout the process, saving you valuable time. We are your partner every step of the way, your goals are our roadmap for success. Sourcing is much more than just sending out an RFP and gathering responses.  


Build an effective RFP
As your consultant and agent, we build an RFP that is loaded with all the information properties need to provide a complete response.  We customize each RFP with value-added concessions and specific questions that will differentiate responses.



Based on your preferred destinations, we will suggest all viable options. We do not give preference to any brand or ownership group. Our search engine is the largest and most current available worldwide.


Comparison grid

We use the best software to manage our events from start to finish. It includes an extremely comprehensive RFP response tool. Property Sales managers, Global Sales offices, CVB's, Rep firms and DMC's can all respond electronically. Your account manager will provide the comparison grid to you or use your own credentials to log in and view all responses in real-time.


Site visits

Once your choices are narrowed we will coordinate the site visit with the hosting
city and properties. Your account manager will accompany you as your consultant
to ensure all questions are answered and begin the face-to-face negotiation on
your behalf.


Contract negotiation

We negotiate hundreds of contracts every year. Our account managers will take your goals to the table and deliver the best deal possible. We focus on providing you with a contract that limits your liability but is loaded with value and flexibility. Our experience with contract clauses has evolved during the last twenty-five years. We will negotiate the clauses that are in your best interest and appropriate for each event you plan. We work with a hospitality attorney who keeps us up-to-date, but we always suggest that your organization's attorney review anything that you are signing.


Critical dates and ongoing support

Once the contract is signed, we provide ongoing support. Reminder date emails will be sent to you for deposits, block review, CSM introduction, and cut off date. Starting 120 days out, our support team will manage your room pick up and provide a rooming list showing attendees who have already booked rooms. As your account manager, we will continue to be your consultant as unforeseen events come up. Attendance, renovations, and demand in the city are all things that can impact your event, we will work with the hotel on your behalf to come to a resolution that best meets your needs.


Historical data and post-event reports

Regardless of who holds you accountable, we will provide all the reporting to make you shine. It may only be a simple post-event report showing actualized numbers that are filed away for the future, or you may have a comprehensive SMMP that requires very specific data. Either way, we will provide exactly what you need.

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